Welcome to Railtown

Welcome to Railtown

The city is developing a sustainable neighborhood plan for Railtown District, with a clear framework for implementation. This plan will refine the vision for the neighborhood that was outlined in the Sustainable Waterfront and Downtown Master Plan (SWDMP) and will include specific projects, partnerships, programs, and funding sources along with policies, timelines and responsibilities for action.

Railtown District, Nelson BC
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This more detailed and implementation-focused stage of planning for the Railtown neighbourhood will occur through a three-phase process that will include community and stakeholder engagement, in close collaboration with city staff to ensure that the plan both honors and implements the vision established by the SWDMP process. Learn more

People, Nelson BC

Railtown planning

Why do we need a Railtown plan?

With some of the highest business licenses per capita in the province, along with growing tourism, arts and cultural sectors, Nelson is well positioned to manage growth and guide neighborhood renewal.

The aim is to ensure that all happens in a practical manner rooted in market forces and in the context of a successful, diverse and therefore resilient local business climate.

Specifically, Railtown District provides the opportunity to support anticipated market demands for new jobs and better physical and visual connections to the downtown and adjacent neighborhoods. Further, it provides additional civic space, brownfield and ecological restoration, and additional mixed-use and innovative live-work residential/commercial opportunities. Learn more

Nelson Chamber of Commerce building
The exterior of the new Regional Visitor Gateway restored to its original form after four years of hard work and dedication. The project is the new home of the Nelson Chamber of Commerce. (Photo by Karen Redfern)